Dolores Catherino is a life long student in the art of music as well as the art of medicine

She has  attained a broad understanding of potentialities of musical expression through

the process of developing proficiency on over 10 instruments.

Her interest in the art of medicine lies in study of diverse medical models (osteopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic and oriental medical philosophies) in addition to the conventional allopathic perspective. The pursuit of which, is focused on the development of a pluralistic and integrated, multidimensional understanding of health, disease and the healing process.

She hopes that such awareness of conceptual and metaphoric advantages as well as limitations within respective paradigmatic medical models may lead to the appreciation

of further insights and connections within a diverse overall health/disease context.

Her awareness of the exhaustion of our conventional, low-resolution, 12 pitch

musical language to continuing novel development, has led to an exploration of higher resolution aural pitch color arrays.

She has been intensively involved in the development of expansive polychromatic musical systems. She utilizes innovative microtonal musical instruments such as the Tonal Plexus, Microzone and Continuum Fingerboard, toward a continuing development of ‘increased resolution’ pitch perception, an increasing refinement of auditory intelligence, as well as further musical expression potentials and philosophical implications.

She is motivated by a sense that vigorous exploration of artistic expressive potentials,

within an integrated approach encompassing scientific and metaphysical implications of these new musical systems, may lead to ‘outside the conceptual box’ perspectives/innovations in diverse and presently unintegrated (incommensurable) specializations of understanding.

With an academic background of undergraduate study in music and postgraduate training

in medicine, Dolores attempts to integrate qualitative and quantitative aspects of music

and science, as essential elements in a journey toward expanded awareness and

conscious evolution.

It is her hope that this musical evolution toward an integrated polychromatic paradigm may become metaphorically significant to the development of new perspectives in diverse fields of study and application.

      Always interested in interdisciplinary collaboration, Dolores can be contacted at: