Dolores Catherino is a polychromatic composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her avant-garde compositions use sonic ‘pitch-palettes’ of 106 and 72 EDO (equal divisions of the octave) and are performed on visionary 21st century keyboard instruments.

As a musician, she is focused on exploring new sonic worlds within a polychromatic framework which simplifies and unifies our rapidly multiplying microtonal pitch-scale methods. Polychromatic concepts of musical ‘pitch-color’ and ‘interval-color’ are also intended to simplify the exploration of new aesthetic possibilities in the practice of associative synesthetic awareness: learned associations and conceptual/perceptual integration of audible pitch with visual color.  With an undergraduate study in music and graduate study in medicine, she hopes to explore and develop integrated perspectives between the sound arts and sciences.


PolyChromatic Music

video, audio, scores and information about the polychromatic system.